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Our  Beginning 
This is a Social Website,  it was created for one purpose.... to share with others, who are out there struggling through life's many adversities, to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that HOPE is in reach.      The reason for this site is to create an awareness, for the thousands of people who are being Bullied, Harassed, Scammed, Intimidated, Abused in Schools,   the Workplaces,   Banks & Lending Institutions,   by Bill Collectors or any other form.       

You Have Rights !     
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This is the basis for all the beginning and this is our story.      Going through life, you experience many things, some good, some bad, through it all however, the end result no matter how long it takes, should mold the individual into a person they could be proud of.      A person who has respect for himself, others and all of the experiences of life, that got that individual to the end result.      That end result, meaning the purpose for your existence.      In this day and age however, we are certainly challenged in our effort in getting to a purposeful end result.
Many of us have formed our own opinions and that is also part of the rights that we have.    It is our God Given right to make our own choices.     
LET  US  BEGIN !      Date of the beginning of this website was .... 2010.   

It is the Start of a .... NEW  YEAR .... 2015
We wish all of you a  VERY  HAPPY  NEW  YEAR

We feel, that as an organization website, our purpose is to HELP other people.    It has been our desire to help serve others, in trying to protect Hawaii's Environment.    We were faced with adversity by Hawaii's Legislature on environmental issues that we cover on our next pages.    So we decided to serve the spiritual side while facing adversity, this brought about a change in this website.   

As you proceed through this website, it is suggested that you  Click On  the images, for inspiring videos that we hope will help.    We hope that you will enjoy this site and share it.  

APPLYING  THESE  SKILLS.... to serve others.
starting with,  Hawaii's  Harbors and Coastlines.      
As a tugboat captain involved with the transportation of Oil and Fuel throughout the State of Hawaii, I am beginning my effort to apply these same skills that I have used on Oahu....to the outer islands starting with Hilo, on the Big Island.      I no longer work on Oahu, but living in Hilo, these services are not being done, but definitely needed.      What I am talking about is to deploy an oil spill containment boom around a fuel barge that has Black Oil Cargo in Hilo harbor before discharge operations begin.       Deployment time is 15 minutes.
The deployment of an Oil Spill Containment Boom, will be able to protect Hilo harbor and Hilo's coastlines from Black Oil Pollution should a spill occur, which they have.      This would also create an immediate response to the spill, making clean-up fast and efficient.      This would also include the inspection, repair and maintenance of the stationary boom, pipes and manifolds under the harbor docks. 
If I can begin this project, since this is not being done in Hilo, I can help to create jobs in the maritime industry, while instilling in others a responsibility of stewardship to protect our coastlines from oil pollution and other contaminants.    
To begin this project, I need to learn what it takes to get a law passed.      I will now begin my research.      I have spoken with the Coast Guard to ask why the deployment of a containment boom was only done on Oahu....the response, no incidents of importance to require it in Hilo.      I have also contacted a Senator in charge of the Environment, only to get NO response.      It's beginning to feel like no one really cares.   
After much research....I have found, that in order to pass a law you need to write a BILL.      As part of the democratic process I had to learn how to write a BILL.      The bill I wrote is called  "The Harbor Bill".      I did not know that I could, but I did and because of this effort, I have been able to maintain a focus, for this I am proud.     
What I am beginning to see, is that I am touching on a subject that I feel has purposely been ignored for many years.      You have heard the old saying, "Out of Site, Out of Mind", well, the pipes under the docks, that transport oil and other products, need to be inspected, maintained and repaired on a regular basis, I feel they are not....I want to know why !      The people of Hawaii have a right to know where their tax dollars are going and what areas need improvement.
After struggling through the 2013 legislative session and the harsh reality that our Politicians....really don't care about laws, unless it provides more spending cash, at the expense of our poor tax payers, this site has made several adjustments to compensate for this reality.      The Harbor Bill, SB 596, will never be passed, all the money is being spent on other things.
The world has changed....there are many wolves out there in sheep's clothing.      Can you recognize them ?      You can recognize them by their works !    see Stay Tuned page. 
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